Building 8, also known as the Special Events Center, will be the first meeting point of the day as it hosts the registration desk and track 1 where we will be doing opening ceremonies. After you are registered there will be breakfast pastries, coffee and tea offered in this area for you to enjoy while you get settled in for opening ceremonies in track 1.

Building 11 is where everything else will be going on. Tracks 2 and 3, lock pick village , CTF, workshops, vendor expo, and escape room will all be located throughout building 11. From 11:30am thru 2:30pm, complimentary lunch will be served in building 11.

Building 8 – Special Events Center – Registration + Track 1


Building 11 – Tracks 2 and 3 + Lock Pick Village + CTF + Workshops + Vendor Expo + Escape Room + Lunch