How to Train Your Dragons: Effectively Transforming ITers into Infosecers

With the constant flow of reports and organizations whining about the lack of adequate cyber security talent, one often wonders how we are keeping up with the daily barrage of attacks. Solutions vary (yeah, some just stick the heads in the sand) but the trend of hiring or transferring those with some base IT skills and training them has caught on (finally!) in recent years. Based on five years of developing content, teaching students, and managing training programs, this talk covers lessons learned, best practices, and some funny stories on instructional content and techniques to quickly transform these ITers into Infosecers and successfully contributing members of your security team.


grecs has over 20 years experience, two engineering degrees, and a well-known security cert. Despite his training, he has always been a CS person going back to his C64 and high school computer club days. After doing IT for several years, he discovered his love of infosec and has been pursuing this career since. Currently, he spends his days training the next generation of defenders and evenings blogging and speaking on defensive topics.