Thomas Wilson

Digital Poltergeists: IoT Hacking Demonstrated Through Lightbulbs

As the IoT becomes more pervasive, household items with arbitrary WiFi capabilities are becoming ubiquitous. In this talk some of the textbook flaws with IoT devices will be demonstrated via a walkthrough on how to hack TPLink smart bulbs, turning them on and off as if you were a ghost haunting a house. From there we will explore the deeper more sinister ramifications of being able to send crafted requests to an IoT device that never anticipated receiving them. Techniques covered in this talk will include wireless sniffing, APK reverse engineering, and some basic cryptography.


I’m Thomas Wilson (hachisanju), a hacking hobbyist and security engineer living in Gainesville Fl. I got my start hacking my Nintendo Entertainment System, and since then I’ve been bricking my games and household objects.